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Thread: RS6 US VIN Compilation.....

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    Found my old one. belongs to someone in San Rafael Ca. 905739..Poor chap..

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    New guy here, decided after years of driving mostly VWs I'd finally move up to an Audi, and figure why waste time on an entry level model...heh.

    Anyways, I am the new legal guardian of 904614 which was mentioned in post #341 of this thread back in 2013.

    Good news is she's in very good shape inside and out and all maintenance items that were mentioned in that post are definitely taken care of minus the drivers side window switch controls which I expect to get to in the next month or so.
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    When I purchased my RS6 a few years back, I became obsessed with finding out how unique my vehicle is. According to Audi of America:

    · 1435 Model Year 2003 RS6 sold in the US
    · 399 Model Year 2003 RS6 sold in the US, with Avus Silver Pearl Exteriors
    · 99 Model Year 2003 RS6 sold in the US, with Avus Silver Pearl Exteriors and Silver Interiors

    They could not narrow it down any further based on those equipped with factory options:

    · Carbon Fiber Trim
    · Audi Navigation
    · Warm Weather Package
    · Sound Enhancing Exhaust

    So I searched the web for lists that were compiled that might have this data (including this forum). I also looked at auction sites, sales sites and salvage sites for this information. I have assembled a list that includes:

    Location of vehicle at time of posting, VIN, Exterior Color, Interior Color, Trim, Options included – WW, Nav, SSE (did not include Rear Side Airbags), Price – either listed or sold for, 6 speed conversion – I became interested in how many had manual swaps done, and Mileage.

    If you would like to update, correct or add to this list please let me know. My focus is on the VIN, colors, options, mileage and whether or not it is still on the road– not so much on price.

    Yeah, I know I have too much time on my hands and I need to get a life.

    The list can be viewed at:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Other_Erik View Post
    Here's another that I'm not seeing in comments, found on ebay - 904760 (WUAPV64B43N904760)
    Goodwood Green Pearl, Silver Leather Interior, Wood Trims, 81k miles w/warranty to 95.5k or 23-Jul-2014, seller is asking $23,500 in the San Antonio area
    This Vehicle is for sale again in Denver, 137K, It may be coming to the forum soon.

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    905707 is no longer in North Royalton, OH, but resides with me in Virginia Beach, VA! It does have sound enhancing exhaust, now just over 115k mi.

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    905393 is now in Dallas Texas
    84,913 miles

    PSS9s and Wagner intercoolers getting installed now, along with T-Belt service, all fluids, and all filters based upon the service lists found here! Refinishing all 4 wheels with new center caps ( OEM Silver ) and new Michelin's due to previous tires production dates being 6 years ago.

    Glad to be back in the fold, I spent some time here many years ago, with my Imola Yellow " Fast Taxi "

    "You have first to experience what you want to express" (V. Van Gogh)

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    For the record I'm 904999
    2003 Silver RS6,2012 Audi A6 3.0,2014 Porsche Cayenne,2010Porsche Cayenne,1988 Porsche 928

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