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Thread: More laps with the Ringtaxi!!

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    More laps with the Ringtaxi!!

    Here's a wet and slippery lap with the RingTaxi.
    On my way from the Cradle to the Grave.

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    Oh my god!! He's drifting all the way!
    Thanks for sharing!

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    yeah great video!

    i was fortunate enough to make my first trip to germany
    earlier this year and one of the most important[and most
    exiting]things that i did was drive to the nurburgring.
    not only did i spend the day flogging an audi quattro
    around the track but i was also able to schedule a drive
    with WOLFGANG KAFMANN in the bmw taxi.
    for anyone living far away and thinking it's not worth it
    well your wrong! it is by far, hands down the absolute best
    trip a car lover could ever hope to take! the experience of
    flying around one of the worlds most esteemed racing circuits
    with no helmet, gloves,race suits[heck, you dont even need
    a special licence!] is unequalled!
    and if you can make a drive with the taxi they'll show you
    how much you have to learn.

    just writing about it makes me want to fly out again!

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    thank you very much.. damn cool vid

    but why is he this long behind a golf serie II?

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