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Thread: Stealth Valentine1 Display by Toy Guy

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    Valentine 1 saved me 3 times yesterday too on a trip to Long Island, NY and back!

    Interestingly, just as I was leaving town on a secondary road at 5:30 AM, the laser went off. I couldn't see anyone around. 10 minutes later on the NY State Thruway, it went off again. Again, no police to be found.

    My best guess is that it was some kind of malfunction or something else that tripped it. I go through both those areas regularly, so it will be iteresting to see if it triggers it again, especially during the daytime ...

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    V1 laser get's fooled by breaklights in Chevy Trailblazer and GMC Envoy, 2003 model I think.

    They use LEDs instead of lightbulbs, and that light fools the laser receiver! It's a pain if you are following one LOL..


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    For the first time in more than two decades, ValentineOne updated its external form factor (and of course internals, too) with release of the Gen2: Over-the-air update capability sounds great... I had a 2003-era V1 in my 2002 S4, so looking forward to a hard-wire install in the RS6 with the Gen2 concealed display (when it's available later this year).

    Doesn't sound like ToyGuy is still operating to offer the sleekest integration (in this thread), so planning to mount the display to the right of the steering column as was done here:

    ValentineOne has come up on several threads over the years (in addition to this one and the one above):

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    Your right, it's about time. I have an older V1 that I've sent in to be updated twice, but what are they really updating? Who knows. I still like it but it falses a lot more than my newer Escort. I also like the Escorts GPS that you can use to lockout known false alarms at Geographical locations. Also the Escort has it's database of Redlight and Speed cameras which is constantly updated.
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