hey everyone, questions for my 2003 RS6.

A while back, my car went into limp mode during a drive and started leaking oil while also getting smoke out of the tailpipes under load. I took it in for diagnosis and found out that the PCV valve was stuck open and allowed oil to enter the intake system which went into the intercooler as well, causing the smoke. Ended up with about 1.5L of oil in the intercooler hoses.

Intercooler hoses were removed and the system was cleaned out, PCV valve replaced but unfortunately it also fouled my bank 1 EGT sensor and is in need of being replaced. I was told that the only way to replace those sensors is with the removal of the engine. I am not that skilled to undertake such a project and I was wondering if there is another way at all?

I also found out that there is a way to tune out the EGT sensors out but unfortunately my car is tuned and its not possible without losing the tune. Is it bad to tune them out anyways?

Lastly, if the engine has to come out, what would you recommend I do while out? The car has 119K and I was thinking to do at least timing even though it was done 18K ago, water pump, valve cover gaskets (leaking), cam seals, chain tensioner seals and cam plugs. Maybe turbos?

there is also the fact that the NLA list on the parts is getting longer for this car, so if anyone has any suggestions on where to start accumulating the parts for that project let me know please. I am in WA state if that makes a difference.

Thank you in advance for your help