Hey guys, hoping for some insight. US spec 2003 RS6 (WUAPV64B03N904861) with almost 192k miles (bought it with 187k), has a noticable shudder during the 2nd to 3rd gear shift, but only under certain circumstances. Tranny was supposedly done by Audi dealer around 100k.

It only happens when over 1/2 throttle but less than full throttle. Doesn't happen during normal cruising, or during full throttle pulls unless I let off some right before the shift. Also seems to mostly only happen in the first 10 min of driving, before trans fluid is up to temp. When I first got it, it only happened a few times when it was fairly cold out (first 5-10 min of driving, under stated throttle conditions). Now it seems to happen a bit more frequently. Tranny service was performed by an Audi dealer about 10k miles ago.

My friend is buying the car from me, and is fully aware of every flaw I know of. Just want to help him get as much info as I can on whether the trans is definitely on its way out, or if there may be other possible cheaper/easier fixes. I'm going to give him my extra stock trans out of the car I'm manual swapping, which only has 47k miles on a rebuilt unit. But obviously if it's possibly something more simple like a driveshaft, tcu tune, etc, we'd want to try that first.

Any input is appreciated!