Any thoughts on this are welcome.

Recently had the RS6 in for a LOT of work. Got the car back and parked it due to my travel schedule. Just returned home and am starting to run the car a bit.

First problem is the washer fluid isn't coming on call. I think I can troubleshoot that, but the other issue is the HVAC system.

I suspect the control is going bad. We replaced all 3 of the activators last year, due to the fact that they didn't seem to be blowing correctly. Then, when the car went in in September, it was on the list, again, because one side was blowing cold air, the other side blowing hot, and the center not at all. That was when it was warm, so I needed cooling. Now that it's cold, I need heating, and the same odd behavior is happening: driver side blows hot, passenger blows cold, center isn't blowing at all. I also notice that the "Econ" button is illuminated all the time, and I cannot turn it off. Even if I can get it to turn off, it turns back on without me touching it in 1-2 seconds. All of this makes me think it's a computer malfunction. It is a 20-year-old car, so I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise, but you'd think that since I've had it in 2x already for HVAC issues, that it should be in good working order.

Anyway, if anyone has any recommendations or suggestions, happy to hear them. I was thinking of buying a spare control unit and seeing if that fixes the problem. Standard A6 component, I think, but they seem to be rare. One on eBay, but no others I can find around.