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Thread: Power Steering Diagnosis?

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    Mech Power Steering Diagnosis?

    So the shop I took my car to says that there are power steering hoses that are broken and that because it was driven while not full of power steering fluid that the pump has broken as well.


    So if accept their diagnosis, what's the best power steering pump to purchase?

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    cheap one on sale from URO tuning.
    Audi claims to have discontinued the pump and some of the hoses but the pump is a not uncommon ZF pump so it is still available both ZF Factory rebuilt and aftermarket rebuilt. There isn't a lot of parts to them and they are fairly easy to rebuild. Basically the same pump is used on my old '87 Porsche 944 Turbo.
    Part # you are looking for is 4D0145155K it was used in a few A8/S8's and I think the C5 S6.
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