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Thread: Future Owner of RS6 4G /C7.5

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    Exclamation Future Owner of RS6 4G /C7.5


    I'm actually owner of RS6 C5 - very nice car, but not for me - not for daily driving -
    I also own A6 Allroad BiTDIfrom 2015 (facelift) and lacking in C5 all safety systems.

    Thus I know 4G platform (Allroad) all it's electronic stuff (MIB2, matrix, etc).

    I planning to buy RS6 4G (C7.5) so 2015-2018+ Performance (605PS)

    What should I look for and what should I avoid.

    My doubts for now are:
    - 20 vs 21 inch wheels
    - ceramic breaks
    - general cost of owning RS6

    What are the pitfalls and possible fixes for them ?
    (change to 20' wheels, change discs to metallic, etc...)

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    I would personally recommend staying away from any Allroad. Lots of other good options out there for daily.

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    Do a search of the 4.0t engine issues. You'll find a few issues to keep up on but the basic 4.0t motor has shown to be strong and the RS6/RS7/S8+ versions have even stronger internals to handle the extra power. Make sure the Turbo oil supply screens have been replaced, there is a recall in N. America but Audi doesn't always offer a recall in other markets, many other markets they don't do the same recall, maybe just a TSB that some owners may neglect. A lot of Turbos on 4.0t's failed because the Oil supply screens plugged.
    RS6/RS7 also have bigger Turbos than S6/S7's and the Turbos are stronger, S6/S7 have cast cold side turbine wheels.
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