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Thread: FS: updated RS6 parts list

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    FS: updated RS6 parts list

    Hey everyone,

    Hope things are well. Here’s an updated list of my RS6 inventory. As usual, check out what’s available and feel free to comment, inbox, or text/email me at 6472007339/ if you’re interested in anything. Prices are in USD and include North American shipping unless otherwise stated


    RS6 front bumper kit 1600 usd plus shipping
    RS6 rear bumper 550usd plus shipping
    Headlights 200 shipped each
    Fenders 200 shipped each
    Door shells 250 shipped each (Daytona grey available)
    RS6 side skirts 500 shipped each
    Tail lights 75 shipped each
    Trunk lid w/spoiler 300 plus shipping
    Shark fin antenna 90 shipped


    RS6 black on star dome light 150 shipped
    Rear view mirror w/compass 75 shipped
    RS6 door cards (black) 500 shipped/set
    RNSE unit 650 shipped
    RS6 carpet trunk mat 150 shipped
    RS6 in-trunk battery housing 150 shipped
    Symphony I/II radios 85 shipped
    OEM tool kits 70 shipped
    OEM first aid kits 50 shipped
    Amp 60 shipped
    Subwoofers 80 shipped
    OEM hazard switch 30 shipped
    Ashtray unit 50 shipped
    Armrest OEM larger cupholder 55 shipped
    RS6 armrest lids (fully reconditioned leather) 200 shipped each
    Mirror switches 45 shipped each
    Birch trim set 150 shipped
    CCM 90 shipped
    Master window switch 35 shipped
    Carbon fibre manual shifter knob 80 shipped
    Misc Alcantara headliner pieces (contact me)
    Knee bolster 140 shipped
    Glovebox 100 shipped
    Complete dashboard 350 plus shipping


    OEM Axles 120 each, 400 shipped/set
    Spindles 95 shipped, each
    Front aluminum subframe 280 shipped
    Rear aluminum subframe 550 plus shipping
    RS6 rear diff w/cooling fin 400 plus shipping

    radiator support 400 plus shipping
    Aux fan 260 shipped
    Intake manifold 550 shipped
    Valve covers 240 shipped
    Cylinder head rear cooling pipe 150 shipped
    RS6 exhaust manifolds 600shipped/set
    Misc lines/sensors/pipes/hoses (contact me)


    19” VMR 710s (one brand new) 850 shipped
    Upgraded log exhaust manifolds 800 shipped
    S6 cams 500/set
    R8 coil conversion kit 250 shipped

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    Out there
    Do you have a rear license plate surround? Sedan

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    I should have one I'll verify if I have a mint one.

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