So, I've FINALLY been able to collect some of my spare parts from storage. Unfortunately, a fair bit of them are missing. Maybe they'll turn up, but I doubt it and probably have to replace some. Starting to put my list together.

For example, I need a set of 20 stock lug bolts. Looking around. Can anyone confirm the correct specs? I'm pretty sure they're 28mm length, ball seat, M14 x 1.5. Just checking before purchasing.

Also, my originals, IIRC, appeared to be just basic low-quality metal in black, and they're behind the center caps (which are also missing, so I'll need a set of them, too). Consequently, aesthetics aren't a major factor. But, while I'd like Ti for the weight savings, I don't think paying $79 a piece makes any sense (also, have to clean off any anti-seize, I've put on). T304 is available. As well as some other materials. Any thoughts? These are "just" for the stock wheels to put them back on if/when I decide to sell.

Anyway, if anyone can confirm or has any thoughts, happy to hear them.