” From behind the wheel the figures feel less dramatic than you’d expect, simply because the RS6 makes it so easy. It’s very much a car that’ll press you back into your seat, and its real party trick is replicating that mighty off-the-line acceleration even when the surface is wet or greasy – with all-wheel drive, a limited-slip differential at the rear and 275-section tyres at all four corners, traction is not an issue. But so simple is the process, it all feels surprisingly serene.”

”Whatever you think of the more aggressive direction Audi design chief Marc Lichte is taking the brand, there’s no denying the RS6 has massive presence. From memory it seems like only a gentle evolution of the old RS6, but side by side the difference between old and new is absolutely barmy – probably greater than the difference between the old RS6 and the standard A6 Avant it was based upon.

The whole car looks longer, lower and wider than before, a sensation accentuated by the much wider front grille, slimmer headlights and tail lights, and arches that are more prominently blistered than ever before. From some angles it can seem like a busy concoction of shapes, but from the side in particular it almost has the proportions of a Hot Wheels car, particularly on the larger 22-inch alloy wheel option”