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Thread: Old man got some new shows, HRE FF04s

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    Old man got some new shows, HRE FF04s

    It's been awhile since I showed the old man some love...... new shoes, HRE FF04's 19 * 9s w 275/30s' fitment is perfect. More pics to come. If interested, check new Album, HRE FF04s. I can't get these pics to attach. Only two for now. Just put em on. Its been awhile since THEY stole my BBS LM 20"s..... But its nice to be back on a sick set of wheels.

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    The album seems to be empty. But a quick Googgggg search clearly shows they are a pretty cool set. Congrats. Sorry to hear about the BBS LMs.

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    I second what nene said, congrats on the new wheels and really sorry about the LM's, they are real nice wheels.
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