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Thread: FS: Mugello Blue RS6 needs trans work, very clean, $11,995. Can deliver, may trade.

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    FS: Mugello Blue RS6 needs trans work, very clean, $11,995. Can deliver, may trade.

    This is a Mugello
    Blue Pearl RS6 with the Ivory interior. It has 141,000 miles and is bone stock except for some light window tint. Body and interior are excellent. The engine is a rocket but the transmission will start slipping and default to 5th gear after it warms up. I have 150 pictures and a detailed description on my webpage at Might consider part trades and may deliver. I'm in the Washington DC area but have it in winter storage in Hagerstown MD so would need a few days advance notice to show it there.

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    Nice car...I have 2 spare auto trannys that came out for 6 speed conversion cars (mine that I just converted when I did turbo refresh, plus another forum members that he gave me)...both in usable condition if you are interested as freebies. Pay someone a couple $g's to swap the trans for you and you have a great car! Or the same goes to someone that wants to buy yours and get my trannys for spares...I'm in Annapolis, so not too far off from you...

    If I had more space, I'd consider picking this up, swapping one of my trans in, and either daily driving or flipping...In fact, I have a buddy in town that loves mine, I'll push him a feeler on yours...

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