Great parts available from this latest RS6 I have. As usual, check out the list below for what’s available, and feel free to comment, inbox, or text me at 6472007339. Prices are in usd and include North American shipping unless otherwise stated


Front bumper kit (bumper cover, grilles, fog lights, and bumper bar/shocks) 1600 plus shipping
Headlights (e coded and blacked out) 450 shipped (previous owner said they could use a reseal)
fenders 200 shipped each
Side mirrors (brushed aluminum, folding) 450 shipped
Door shells 250 shipped each
Side skirt kit (skirts/flat blades) 1250 shipped
Tail lights 80 shipped each
Rear license plate tub 100 shipped
Trunk spoiler 160 shipped
Rear bumper kit 750 plus shipping
Shark fin antenna 80 shipped
RS6 door sills 250 shipped/set


MPH gauge cluster SOLD (kph one available)
TCU sold
CCM 120 shipped
Headliner kit (inbox me, will split)
Seats set 850 plus shipping
Rearview mirror w/compass 80 shipped
steering wheel w/airbag 260 shipped
Carbon fibre trim kit 700 shipped
Sony double din deck SOLD
climate unit SOLD
in dash cupholder 45 shipped
Hazard switch 30 shipped
ESP/dummy buttons SOLD
knee bolster 120 shipped
Glovebox 90 shipped
Perforated leather shifter knob 160 shipped
Ashtray unit 50 shipped
Folding mirror switch 45 shipped
Black armrest lid 100 shipped
Door cards 150 shipped each
Black door pull set 180 shipped
Speakers 35 shipped each
In-trunk battery housing 150 shipped
Floor mat 120 shipped
OEM widebody rubber monster mats 160 shipped
Subwoofer 70 shipped
Amp 50 shipped
Heater blower motor 50 shipped


motor swap kit SOLD
transmission SOLD
coilovers SOLD
Belly pan (some damage, but useable) 200 shipped
front brake kit 1400 shipped
Rear brake kit 500 shipped
radiator 650 shipped
Condenser 200 shipped
Fans 240 shipped each
Intercoolers SOLD
abs module 750 shipped
Airbox/piping SOLD
Coolant tank /bracket SOLD
AC lines SOLD
3” downpipes 650 shipped
3” catback 850 shipped
OEM axles 120 shipped each, 400 shipped/set
Spindles 90 shipped each
Steering rack 550 shipped
Main driveshaft 350 plus shipping
Rear diff/cooler 550 shipped
Front aluminum subframe 240 shipped
Rear aluminum subframe 600 plus shipping
Rear sway bar 160 shipped
Niece hoses/lines/modules/sensors (inbox me)

*** if you need anything else, or wants pics of more info, feel free to comment, inbox, or text me at 6472007339***