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Thread: FS: Oregon - RS6 Misano Red, 6-speed with 92K miles

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    FS: Oregon - RS6 Misano Red, 6-speed with 92K miles

    Location – Portland, Oregon


    Price - $20K

    Currently at 92K miles
    Misano red with black interior, carbon fiber trim and SE exhaust.
    10K miles on 6-speed swap, with timing belt, turbos and a bunch of regular maintenance
    BBS wheels
    Wagner Intercoolers
    Hotchkis Swaybars
    Aquamist Water/Meth kit

    I bought this car in 2015 from this ad:

    Overall it's been a great car, very reliable and lots of fun. I drive it regularly, but usually avoid bad weather. It's always been garaged, and very well maintained. It's had frequent oil changes with good Amsoil and any replacement parts have always been OEM or OEM-quality. I bought the car planning to do the 6-speed swap, and I did a lot of research to create the best quality swap kit. I also wanted to do all the maintenance items that can be done with engine out, like turbos, seals, gaskets, tensioner pads, etc... I do all my own work, including the the trans swap, and I'm very meticulous. No shortcuts with this car! I'm selling it because we just have too many cars. I have two daughters at driving age, and I bought another project car last year, so I need room. I've also taken the RS6 as far as I reasonable want to go. It's a ton of fun, but I'm ready to move on. Whoever gets this car is going to get a well-sorted, great driving car. It needs nothing right now, timing belt was done about 10K miles ago, and lots of other maintenance done at that time as well. Front brakes are all new pads, rotors, calipers and lines. The only major "reliability upgrade" left to do on this car is replace the DRC, but it's working fine now, and upgrades are are relatively easy.

    Exterior is very good with minor wear and dings typical of a car this age. Lower left corner of front bumper had a crack repaired, and that section was resprayed, no other damage or accidents.

    Interior is good with usual wear on front seat bolsters and climate controls. Also some wear on the soft-touch rubber pieces. Radio is stock and sounds great, all interior parts work fine.

    Wheels are real, two-piece BBS LM, 19x8.5 in good condition with some minor curb rash and paint chips. Tires are Michelin Sport 4S at about 50% tread.

    Suspension is original DRC in good working order, with upgraded Hotchkis front and rear swaybars.

    Front brakes are completely new, including new Audi factory red calipers, new Texstar pads, new Zimmerman rotors and new brake lines. Rear brakes are stock and in good condition.

    Modifications include:

    Wagner intercoolers with carbon fiber shrouds and new silicon hoses.

    Aquamist HSF3 v3.1 water/meth injection kit. Setup to use the wiper fluid tank as a reservoir (wiper washers still work), and the pump is installed in the cowl area on the passenger side. It’s a very stealth installation and you wouldn’t know it was there unless you knew what to look for. System is tuned for a 50/50 water meth mix and has several built-in safeguards, including a low-fluid sensor and a flow-rate sensor. I selected this kit for its reliability and strong safeguards. Tuned for 50/50 water/meth by Nubcake.

    Converted to 6-speed in 2017 at approximately 82K miles using the Advanced Automation kit with the with the upgraded TDI transmission. This included the Euro TDI transmission with stronger gears and better ratio’s with upgraded 1st and 2nd gear syncros. Also included to rear-bias (4-1) center differential upgrade.
    SteveKen adapter kit with flywheel, adapter and starter.
    AMD Stage 3+ Clutch
    Tune is custom by Nubcake

    At the time of the swap, also did the following work:

    Blauparts enhanced timing kit with water pump
    Blauparts tensioner pads and valve cover gaskets
    USP Stainless clutch line and metal slave cylinder
    Bufkin pipe
    Front Main Seal
    Spark plugs
    A/C resealed and new drier installed
    Replaced Turbo CHRA’s with New Melett parts
    Gutted pre-cats
    Removed entire auxiliary cooling system
    Removed secondary air injection (custom tuned to still pass emissions)
    Lots of bolts, seal and gaskets were replaced as well, too many to list

    I have most of the original parts that have been removed, including the intercoolers, aux radiators and plumbing, automatic trans shifter parts, etc… I don’t have the original transmission anymore.

    Other recent maintenance:

    OEM Audi battery replaced earlier this year
    N75 valve and coolant temp sensor replaced in 2018


    The only issues the car has are related to the transmission. Although it was rebuilt by Advanced Automation, they did not replace the 3rd gear syncro because it was still "serviceable". I does not grind, but it is not as smooth as the other gears. It doesn't cause any problems, but I can feel the difference. The other issue is what I believe to be a noisy pilot bearing. At lows speed, if it's quiet in the car, you can hear a mild "growl" in the transmission. It's not affected by gear changes, and it's only noticeable at low speed. My research points to pilot bearing. It's made this noise since I installed the trans, and it's not getting worse, so I've left it alone. Both of these issues are minor, and are not getting worse, so not really worth addressing until the trans need to come out for something else like a clutch.

    Link to album with a lot of pictures:
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