19 years ago the first RS4 made it's appearance in this Forum. It got plenty of press for a few pages then just vanished. Appreciating that new cars are important to some, are there any members out there with the B5 RS4 still in their ownership.

I just happen to like the B5 / C5 range and choose to continue to own and drive them and was just wondering if I was alone in that on here. I know they weren't available to the US where many members are, which may end up being why they are no longer mentioned.

The B5 S4 continues to rate highly in the US and there are many similarities but it is hard to replicate the subtle differences (even in appearance) that separates most RS models from the rest.

Mine still gets regular use and I recently did a 10,000 Km road trip with the only issue a cracked windscreen on the very last day. At 290,000 Km I am still on the original K04 turbos and it still pulls strongly with 21 psi boost (tuned ECU).

I purchased a spare engine (ingested a bit of turbine wheel) and gearbox some years ago as a spare and am curently rebuilding the engine with 82mm Woessner pistons and the gearbox with the full factory upgrade kit from Advanced Automotion. I also have a rebuilt 01E with everything JHM ever sold used in the rebuild plus new factory parts which was at one time a possibility for my RS6 before I decided to stay Auto.