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Thread: New RS6 on the Forum

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    New RS6 on the Forum

    Quote Originally Posted by tkrtape1 View Post
    Very nice 👍🏽, I het mine back this week, new suspension, down pipes , intercoolers… should be a blast.
    Yes, all those upgrades at once should make you smile. It's worth mentioning what equipment you had fitted and your thoughts once you get to drive it. Always interested in what brands work well.

    I moved my reply to keep the original thread relevant.

    I'll very briefly outline my kit below. I'm fortunate that in having a B5 RS4 as well, I don't feel the need to change the character of the RS6 by trying to replicate the RS4 strong points. I like the Limo aspects and it gets a lot of 2000 to 3000 Km trips where it shines. Effortless overtaking

    So basically the sedan version of the RS6, purchased with 107,000 Km on the clock. The DRC was shot and there were a lot of very minor issues that needed resolving, missing bolts, screws and clips, replace MAF's and seals, dodgy aftermarket wiring, oiled air filter elements, armrest, install dash and reversing cam, GFB diverter valves, headlight mods, hood lining, daytime running lights, fit P3 gauge, SRP pedal covers from the US (recommended), mobile mount, GPS, fix undertray and new suspension and tyres (Michelin PS4S). That's the highlights and far more work than the few lines indicate.

    The car as it stands has a Sportec (swiss for those who don't know the name) minor ECU tune, Sportec TCU, DRC replaced with Bilstein B8 dampers with DRC springs (Works a dream at 200 KPH and on all grades of road) with OEM ride height for potholes and speed bumps. Wagner intercoolers fitted and full 3 inch Milltek turbo back non cat race exhaust that is no longer available. Australian cars came with (basically) the full option list, full leather Recaro seats, 19 inch mags, drilled brake rotors, carbon and alcantara trim, RNSE (in my car).

    I don't have any visions of changing this spec in any meaningfull way as it pushes all my buttons and is prettty well spot on for me as it is.

    Australia only had 27 cars delivered and there have been a few imports added to that list over the years so parts are few and far between. The US, UK and Europe get lots of orders from me. I have purchased a spare RS6 transmission and Torque converter and a new Alternator as major spares plus I have a small shipping container full of miscellaneous Audi spares that are on the list of frequently failed parts. Nevertheless, there will always be something you don't have.
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    IchBautAuto, congrats on the car. I think I'm one of the old guys on the list now. Had my car for 15yrs. I'm a believer in keeping it as a high performance tourning car, it does have 4 doors. Ive got the full Miltek from the headers back without Cats too. I did do a 6spd conversion as I finally got tired of the power loss and un-predictability of the Autobox. The 6spd with a Nubcake (username on here) tune really works great. I've easily lightened it 150~200lbs without losing any driveabilty, Forged wheels (BBS), Antigravity Lithium battery, Stripped DRC, Additionaly Radiators, Exhaust, etc... I've recently added a B8.5 S5 that I've Stage 2'd as well as a B8.5 RS5 that I found in great condition minus a blow engine. Got a low mile engine in it now and just got it running with some mods. Kind of an Audi guy.
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    Great car you have. My spec PLUS manual. It must be a real dream to drive. I often have sleepless nights about the manual conversion but I suspect that I have now committed to staying auto. Who knows, next year may be different.

    Is old in relation to time as a member of the forum or the human race? While I have owned some really rare cars in my life, they came from an era where they were so bad to drive that there are none that I would really still want to own for the pleasure of driving. Their value however gives me nightmares. One cost $3,000 new in 71 and I saw one just last week on the market for $220,000.

    Audi guy here too (other than the unimog). I think that I'm bound to the brand for the rest of my days, maybe because there isn't the time left to learn about anything else.
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    I've put up a few photos where the parts I have used aren't commonly shown on the forum. Front and rear Bilstein dampers with DRC springs. Been very happy with the outcome in both cars.

    I used SRP pedals from the US. Great man to deal with and does RHD pedals which I have on both my cars.

    I like my important gauges more or less at eye level so I used a B5 gauge from P3 gauges which is unobtrusive and in my line of sight. I have AEM in the RS4 and they haven't been that reliable.

    This may not be an issue for others or it isn't noticed. With my airbox correctly installed and bolted down I found that the MAF had a vertical play of 17mm. If the MAF's are connected to the airbox then they barely enter the MAF seals in my case. I prefer the MAF to not be connected to the airbox for convenience and fully located in the manifold so I had some spacers 3D printed so that there is no vertical movement possible between the MAF and the airbox. One fits between the MAF flange and the underside of the airbox and the other sits in the airbox above the MAF to smooth the airflow. I'm using Apikol seals.

    Finally, Diverter valves. I used GFB in both the RS cars. Can't say I have had big issues with the 710N but these have been rock solid so they have become my DV of choice.
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