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Thread: Transmission Woes - Continue

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    Transmission Woes - Continue

    So have been doing some research. Spoke with both Level 10 and IPT (Import Performance Transmission). Both claim they can rebuild with much more robust hardware, requiring some machining to the housing etc. Level 10 is around $5k , IPT $6K. Shipping a trans to and from Or. is about $200/$300 each way to N.J. Have not heard back from AMD in Wa. and don't know how to get a hold of Tozo. I have also been in talks with a a highly recommended local guy but not sure if will be able to rebuild it that much more robust. Has anyone had AMD rebuild theirs? Also I am kind of thinking about what else I will want to do (Re-build or new turbos? EGT and 02 sensors, T-Belt service, Bufkin tube. etc - what ever would be maybe needed - with drive train and engine fully accessible). Comments /Suggestions ??

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    PM me if you want Tozo's contact info. When I had a brief conversation via email 6 months ago, he will only do a rebuilt on a stock car. Mine is tuned, so ruled that out and decided to go 6 speed. I will say, that Pat up at Level10 seems to know his stuff and was a wealth of good info when I spoke with him. He even gave me some things to look at if I wanted to before just pulling and shipping out (valve body, etc.).

    Now on the while-you-are-in-there mentality...this can be a long conversation! Save some money for bolts, gaskets, and specialty hardware as it really adds up to do it right.

    Do you wrench yourself, or will you need to have someone do this for you?

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