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Thread: FS: D2 S8 part out

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    FS: D2 S8 part out

    Hey everyone,

    Hope things are well with you and yours. Iím pulling the trigger on the tear down. Some of you may be familiar with my other part outs in the C5/b6/7 worlds, but this is my first foray into a d2. As usual, check out the list below for whatís available and comment, inbox, or text me at 6472007339. Prices are in usd and include North American shipping unless otherwise


    S8 Hood grille SOLD
    Headlights 400 shipped/set
    Complete front bumper 500 plus shipping
    Lower valence (cracked, but fixable) 280 shipped
    Lower bumper grille (A8) 80 shipped
    Fenders 180 shipped each
    Side Mirrors SOLD
    outer tails 70 shipped each


    Seats SOLD
    Rearview mirror 70 shipped
    Trim pieces 50 shipped each
    Armrest set 120 shipped
    Gauge cluster 150 shipped
    Steering wheel 200 shipped
    Glovebox 85 shipped
    Knee bolster 85 shipped
    Dashboard 120 plus shipping
    Interior lights 45 shipped each
    Sun visors 45 shipped each
    Sunroof switch SOLD
    Complete carpet 180 shipped
    Radio 80 shipped
    Climate control unit 100 shipped
    TCU 200 shipped
    CCM 120 shipped
    Headliner pieces 60 shipped each
    Misc switches (inbox me)


    Engine harness 180 shipped
    ECU 180 shipped
    spindles 150 shipped each
    Abs module 200 shipped
    Airbox (complete) 150 shipped
    Brembo front calipers 450 shipped/set
    Rear calipers 200 shipped
    Fender liners 50 shipped each
    Downpipes SOLD
    coolant reservoir 45 shipped
    Front subframe 180 plus shipping
    Catback 200 plus shipping

    ***for anything else you might need, just comment, inbox, or text me at 6472007339***

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    front upper bumper skin, ecu/tcu, front calipers, ashtray/radio/shift trim, radio, and a/b pillar (driver) sold.

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