An example: These 1000cc injectors I used is rated to 3 bar/ 946cc, 4 bar/ 1080cc
With 3bar FPR and E85 they was open 79% on a dyno pull where I got 770hp or 642whp at 1.1 bar boost,
and if I use the same injector calculator it shows that I need 960cc to reach 770hp with 79% duty and BSFC set to 0.75

To reach 1000 hp I need 1246cc injectors, for 1200hp I need 1495cc injectors.

The flow can also vary 5-10% on these injectors, so you do not know exactly how much they flow if you do not buy them with flow paper.
So these 630cc perhaps only flows 590cc or less !

These new 1500cc I now have can vary up to 15% !! (This is what the Bosch factory in Germany told me when I asked them)
The one I have shows 1470cc on the flowpapier and all in 0% difference = 100% flow matched.

So you should ALWAYS buy flowmatched injectors and get papier on this !!