Hey everyone,

Iíve had this BCY stocked up for awhile and finally had it broken down. It had 191k km on it. Check out the list below for whatís available, and as usual, comment, pm, or text me at 6472007339 if you need anything.

RS6 Cylinder heads 850 shipped each
intake manifold 550 shipped
valve covers 240 shipped/set
coil pack set 100 shipped
timing covers 140 shipped
turbo oil lines 300 shipped
Fuel rail 150 shipped
cylinder head hard coolant pipe (077121071BL) 180 shipped
Starter/alternator harness 160 shipped (needs a ground connector)
Upper charge pipe (077133354) 150 shipped
oil filter housing 150 shipped
Oil pan 150 shipped
Misc lines/piping (inbox me)

harness SOLD
turbos SOLD
pistons/rods SOLD
throttle body SOLD
Y pipe SOLD

***for anything else you might need, just comment, inbox, or text me at 6472007339***