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Thread: Still here, still running, $1700 later, I have all new control arms in the front

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    Still here, still running, $1700 later, I have all new control arms in the front

    Hey everyone. It's been along time, but the ole MoooJello is still blowing the doors off of most of anything. Running well for the time being. It needed a full overhaul on the front end suspension. I parked it out in storage in LongIsland for since March, Covid and all that. My son had to come from college. His B5 S4 is looking mighty swell and it really doesn't belong being parked out on the street anymore. The back end rear shock mounts are trash on the RS6 and it needs new arms too. That'll be next. It's good to be back here, and it's good to be back in the saddle with the original legendary R-car. Seems like this country is running out of them.

    I hope everyone is well and happy and healthy. And everyone's RS6 is well and happy and healthy too!

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    I think Audis in general are just so hard on the wallet. But that is the cost of love for the brand.

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    Oh how I would love to hear the number 1700.00. Went in for a suction jet pump and a few hoses and what not. Now we’re at engine pull and all kinds of new goodies. I think the tab is banging on 10 K now. But on the plus side should be good to go for a few years. New intercoolers from Apikol, every oil , coolant and HVAC hose. Temp sensors, O2 sensors etc. On the bright side I did everything on the front of the motor and then some 10000 miles ago so should be good for 3-4 years of trouble free motoring. ������

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