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Thread: 4.2T BCY Engine Partout

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    4.2T BCY Engine Partout

    Parting out the BCY 4.2 out of the RS6 powered C4 S6 I have. Engine had 105,xxx miles when installed. Let go at 112,xxx.

    Intake manifold with fuel rail (Fuel rail and injectors are from another part-out RS6 I had. It's not the same one that cause the detonation on cylinder 8) I can include the factory Y-pipe as well.
    20201109_170324 by Joel Francisco
    20201109_170330 by Joel Francisco
    20201109_170344 by Joel Francisco

    Oil Cooler assembly. I have the 8mm allen bolts for mounting as well. External oil filter sandwich plate was rotated 180 degrees to clear my subframe. Forgot to rotate it back pre picture.
    20201109_170421 by Joel Francisco
    20201109_170426 by Joel Francisco
    20201109_170442 by Joel Francisco

    Lower and upper oil pan. Uncracked. Had a block off plate on one drain to allow for single turbo. Easily removable. Oil level sensor included.
    20201109_170658 by Joel Francisco
    20201109_170634 by Joel Francisco
    20201109_170718 by Joel Francisco

    Serpentine belt pulley and housing. Located in front of the thermostat housing. Thermostat housing included as well.
    20201109_170554 by Joel Francisco

    Oil pump with screen.
    20201109_170749 by Joel Francisco

    Driver side head. May part out; prefer to ship as a whole. Cylinder 8 had detonation. No bent valves though. Cams are still tightened down
    20201109_170945 by Joel Francisco
    20201109_170828 by Joel Francisco
    20201109_170902 by Joel Francisco

    Passenger side head. May part out; prefer to ship as whole. No bent valves. Cams are still tightened down
    20201109_171138 by Joel Francisco, on Flickr
    20201109_171039 by Joel Francisco
    20201109_171108 by Joel Francisco

    Engine block. Cylinder has pitting. May be able to bore out. I'm making a table out of it if it's no use to anybody.
    20201109_171358 by Joel Francisco
    20201109_171405 by Joel Francisco

    Engine timing covers. Uncracked; sexy.
    20201109_171320 by Joel Francisco

    Harness and ECU. Stock tune. Wiring sheath next to secondary firewall was removed to get a count on what kind of QD cannon plug I needed to run. Some broken connectors. The section needed for crank position sensor, oil level sensor, and driverside engine mount was cut from P.O. I have the cut section as well
    20200521_175745 by Joel Francisco

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    The throttle body, oil filter sandwich plate, oil pump, and serpentine belt pulley bearing are sold.

    Engine block will stay with me to make a table.

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