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Thread: My Taycan and first Mods completed

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    No 1 My Taycan and first Mods completed

    After about 1 month of ownership, from the moment I spec'd the car I knew the list of modifications/personalizations I wanted to do.
    I found it a bit strange that this car did not have any option to add Porsche Acid Green accents, given this is the color Porsche has chosen for their hybrid technology starting with the 918.Well, I decided to add my own.

    Spec: Taycan 4S, Volcano Grey exterior, Bordeaux Red interior, 21" Mission E design wheels.

    First it went in for full detail with Ceramic Coating.
    Followed that with some trim around the lower edge and towards the tail of the vehicle.
    My next option was to debadge the car. I am still thinking of putting the Taycan (black) back, but need to paint the trim of the lettering in Acid Green to give it a 3D effect.
    Next on the list was to change the lettering on the brakes to give it that same Acid Green appeal. Front takes about 4" and rear 3" sizing. Found easily online.
    Next on the list was change the front turn signal from the US amber to European smoked clear. Easily ordered from SunCoastParts. Installation is not like other Porsches where it clips on. You have to turn the wheel inwards, and you can feel around for a T15 screw that holds the turn signal in place. Remove the T20 on the wheel liner in the area to allow room for you to unplug wiring. Not difficult, just not clip on.
    Last but not least was to tint windows.

    A few more mods still awaiting for delivery. Car has been so much fun and all other "ladies" in the stable are happy with their new little sister.
    And now for some images.

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    Bold and sexy. NICE

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    Looks good, congrats!

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    Very nice! Owner and Admin. The PRISM of - Click here to send me an e-mail

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