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Thread: Finally back from a full refresh

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    Finally back from a full refresh

    She's back!

    Pulled the engine out at the start of the year to address a leaking rear main seal. Then COVID hit. Then we ended up chasing all sorts of problems -- e.g. if you saw my previous thread on the brake booster, had a weird brake problem that turned out to be that we'd incorrectly used the S6 brake booster, had to order the correct one from Germany, that sets us back a month, etc. so the car's been down literally for six months and out of my hands for nine.

    Since that had to happen, refreshed literally everything in the car. All the engine-out maintenance. A whole bunch of work cleaning up poor wiring, melted connectors, aged hoses, etc. All new BND fluids and gaskets. Bad rear brake meant might as well replace them all when I picked up a set that were already rebuilt and powder coated white for barely more than the cost of a single rear. replaced the stainless lines. Going to rehome the front calipers on my D2 S8, will have one spare working rear.

    Added catch cans. New power steering pump, AC compressor, oil sensor, brake booster, right outer boot, windshield wiper cowl, replaced fender liners that were torn up by the previous 285 tires, and i'm sure some more that i'm forgetting.

    Changed out the black BBS CH (relegating to track duty) for gunmetal versions wearing PS4S. interestingly, despite being the same size and offset, the faces of these are flatter to the center of the wheel and don't clear the brakes. So added 8mm spacers to clear. Looks super aggressive. And I like i can run without spacers on the track.

    Fabricated a new bulletproof undertray. Cooling vents on order for it and will be adding those next. Not too worried about it for now with the temperatures turned towards winter here.

    Next - chasing down some little fixes on the interior, buttons and broken cupholders and such. Much needed interior detail work.
    Maybe replacing the seats, or having the leather re-done, but i can't really find any aftermarket seats that match the silver interior.

    Maybe more / better gauges, already not a fan of the analog boost gauge not to mention 20psi isn't high enough

    I need a new center console armrest (one hinge broke, and the top was trashed anyways). Still need to swap out the CF under the center console with the blue piece, finding a new armrest will help motivate.

    Beyond that -- once she shakes down, want to get it back on the track to see if better tires + all the slight improvements can crack the 10's.

    And hopefully before long a dyno-driven tune session to clear up final issues between the ECU + TCU.

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    Looking forward to vids- Good luck with the chase and achieving your goals!
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    Beautiful, I really dig the grey BBS CHs.
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    Looks great and love the CH's too...was always my top choice for my MK4 GTI and still a timeless motorsport design in my mind...

    Glad that you have it back as I know you didn't have it long in the first place before the downtime....I'm getting anxious to drive mine which has been off of the road now for about 5 months, but at least it's in my garage so I can tinker now and again and keep myself motivated...3 big boxes of parts that arrived this past weekend will keep me busy now (including a rear main replacement seal/plate too).

    Looking forward to more pics/vids as you start to enjoy your car!

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    Looks good, I do love pretty much all BBS wheels. I see you have the RS5/R8 scalloped front calipers, there was a discussion on them here a few years ago. They are slighly lighter than the RS6 OEM's but the RS6 cooling vents are directional and the RS5 rotors are not? I'm running the scalloped on my RS5 but I haven't tracked it. I run the RS6 OEM calipers on the RS6 and have tracked it but I've also go the upgraded Euro Phaeton cooling ducts which I think are a big help. I need to see about modifying a set of the Phaeton ducts for my RS5, should work since same size front rotor and same calipers.
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