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I don't think that you'd go wrong either way...Pat at Level10 really seemed to know his facts on the RS6 and said that the've worked on quite a few...in fact, he was a little giddy when talking about the car and his appreciation of them. I'm also sure that Tozo would give you an honest appraisal of what's what as well. It was a conversation that I was just starting to have with both, but as I mentioned, Tozo won't work on a non stock car anymore, which killed that conversation for me and decided to go 6 speed which ended my conversation with Pat too.

Now a little progress on mine, finally had a short stretch of time yesterday to pick away at a small project...I pulled all of my aux cooling stuff out, but opted for now to leave the pipe in that connects to the heater core that will now tie into the lower radiator hard line nipple with the one way valve in place. This has proven successful for several in the past...and would be the hardest part to replace and would need to be another engine out project if I ever wanted to put it back in. I could also just disconnect and cap on both ends...I have the 034 silicone caps coming too for options. Personally, I'm happy to get all of this stray piping out of there as it just seems like so many more places to have a leak.

And I must say, these Wagner intercoolers are beefy and top notch!

Also decided to remove all of the extra piping for the trans cooler too, since I won't be needing that either.

Hi Muggy,
Do YOu havfe any estimate how much weight savings can be gained with removing the auxiliary coolers ?