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Thread: Picked up a C6 S6 v10 with some issues

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    Picked up a C6 S6 v10 with some issues

    Hey everyone,
    I hope things are well with you in these trying times. For those of you that don't know, I've been parting the C5s and specifically the RS6s for the last couples of years on this site and others, and I just picked up a c6 s6 v10 (2007) this week as another prospective parts car. When I picked it up, it was in much better condition than I expected (lots of the cars I get aren't usually able to drive me home lol), and I'm entertaining the idea of trying to revive it and run it for awhile should the problems be able to remedied for a reasonable amount (lol at "reasonable"). Basically, I'm in the process of doing a deep dive into the platform at the moment and crystal-balling/superficially examining it before it gets to a hoist and we decide whether to part it or revive it. I was hoping some of you may have a v10 as well and possibly have run into some of the issues I'm seeing.

    So here is the info: it is a 2007 v10 s6 with 225km ( around 110k miles) on it. The previous owner was selling it for his dad and did not know much about audis so he articulated what he could about its issues. Basically, it runs, and drives, does not overheat and had a million CEL on which I later scanned and cleared.

    The good:
    -runs and drives well
    -shifts great
    -interior is in good shape
    -exterior needs some work but is 7/10 and easily revivable
    -it was dirt cheap lol

    - the car is smoking (whitish) from the rear driver side area of the engine bay) after the car has run for a long time and this increases if the car is pushed hard (see video-- not my S6 but basically the same smoking)

    - there is a coolant leak and some bubbling in the reservoir from back pressure (it looks like the coolant cap, previous owner had ordered one from audi and never put it on)
    -small misc oil leaks-- car drips slowly but consistently (drips at the back, around oil pan, and somewhere from the front)
    -originally had multiple misfires and codes for camshaft position slow response (P000B) on both banks
    -high pitched sound that sounds like a ripped pvc

    What I've discovered so far:
    it looks like the smoke is coming from oil slowly dripping onto the cats as it sits, and this increases as the car is driven more etc and intensifies. From my googling, I found the link below to someone who had similar issues (see video link) and from the contributions I got that it could be valve cover gaskets, timing cover, or (what I think it is) the camshaft position adjusters, since I had a code for them anyways
    -the codes have not come back since they were cleared, but I'm sure with enough driving they would inevitably.

    Decisions, decisions:
    -basically, if these issues can be remedied... I'm going to fix them and keep it-- its a nice car and I like the v10, and my wife likes it more than my RS6 avant lol. I'm trying to avoid pulling the engine and doing a massive amount of work, because if I do, I'm probably going to part this thing since that's kinda what I do lol

    Wishful thinking:

    -I think the coolant issue can be remedied easily with the cap and possibly a new reservoir

    -oil leaks I'm hoping are fixed with new gaskets that are relatively accessible.

    This concludes my TED talk lol.

    Any and all input you can provide would be greatly appreciated

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    That is a Lambo engine on that S6. Awesome car but it comes with Lambo sized bills when it comes to the engine.
    A good couple of YouTube videos about that S6 from one of my favorite mechanics.

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    you may have already visited this site ( good info )
    2003 Audi RS6
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    thanks guys! I'm exploring all the options before it gets the old part out treatment lol

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