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Thread: removing fuel lines in c5 rs6

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    removing fuel lines in c5 rs6

    I messed up boys. I wasn't paying attention one night and had a little fender bender with a parked car. The damage is repairable, but it took out the right side intercooler and aux rad (among the headlight, bumper, a few other things). Now I generally do all of my own mechanical stuff but body work is outside my area of expertise, so I brought it to a body shop. The body shop guy is saying that he needs to use a plasma cutter to cut out some pieces up there (the pieces the fender is attached to) and the replacement pieces are spot welded in place. He says that since the plasma cutter gets so hot, and the fuel lines are *kind of* nearby, he needs to remove the fuel lines.

    In order to remove the fuel lines, he has to pull the engine.

    I'm not stupid, and I'm pretty sure this guy is giving me the runaround. I already took several replacement parts off his list, after proving they were unaffected by the accident (about $2k worth of parts). I would tow it to another place, but the car has already been there nearly two months and he has my $5k deposit, which I'll never get back if I take the car to someone else.

    So I want to ask you guys, do you really need to pull the engine just to move the fuel lines? The ones I'm talking about go up the right side by the AC condenser, behind the intercooler and aux rad.
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    The fuel lines run adjacent to the main wiring to the alternator so I'm concerned just as much about this as I am the fuel lines.

    the lines and the wires can all be removed without removing the engine but it's probably easier for someone that's not familiar.
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    I don't see how pulling the engine is even remotely related to removing the fuel lines. If I'm not mistaken, metal part is on the outside of the frame rail (and enters the engine compartment from the wheel well, basically).
    Then the rubber part is sitting on those with just a hose clamp, which can be removed and put aside together with fuel rails.
    So I call bullshit.

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