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Thread: Torque converter recommendation ?

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    Torque converter recommendation ?

    Hi there , manual swap is not in the cards and I have a solid tranny to put in, I want to put a good upgraded converter while I am at it . Level 10 ? ACE ? any others you guys would recommend? Seem to be $600 to 800 with core. Only a slight tune on the car pretty stock . Thx

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    A good thread I found... hope still helpful. I have not heard of any new playas in town with regards to TCs. Usually best customer service shop tends to take the cake.

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    ACE did mine years ago, $500. Most shops that specialize in it should do fine, it's relatively simple. I just stuck with stock stall speed. Not sure if ACE/Edge is still around...might be the same company.
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    I just put a level 10 torque converter in my allroad, seems to do the trick. More efficient, better mpg, and seems smoother.

    After talking with one of there techs, found out they do RS6s as well, had a couple in there shop. I'll probably go that route when time comes.
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