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Thread: B6 B7 avant part out

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    B6 B7 avant part out

    Great parts from this latest S4 parts car. As usual, take a look at the list below for what's available and comment/inbox/ text me at 6472007339 if you're interested in anything. Prices are in usd and include shipping unless otherwise stated Check out the link below for pics

    blue recaros 1100 plus shipping (seats are 9/10-- really nice shape-- can deliver)
    Complete black avant headliner kit 650 shipped
    Rearview mirror 70 shipped
    Platinum fish scale trim set 180 shipped
    Speedo (kph) 200 shipped
    Steering wheel/airbag (auto-- car was manual swapped) 200 shipped
    Symphony radio 85 shipped
    Sunroof switch 50 shipped
    Climate control unit 75 shipped
    Pop out cupholder 40 shipped
    Change holder 40 shipped
    Glovebox 80 shipped
    Knee bolster 80 shipped
    Centre console 80 shipped
    Ashtray 40 shipped
    Door cards 80 shipped each, 300 shipped/set
    Hatch panels SOLD
    First aid kit 40 shipped
    Bose avant subwoofer 80 shipped
    Comfort control module 125 shipped
    Window motor/modules 50 shipped each
    Door speakers 35 shipped each
    Rubber oem mats 80 shipped/set

    18" oem Audi wheels/tires (inbox me)
    headlights 350 shipped
    Door blades 250 shipped
    Door mirrors 300 shipped
    Tails 65 shipped each
    door blades 250 shipped
    Hood grille 75 shipped
    Lower centre grille 65 shipped
    Fog light grilles 40 shipped each
    Fog lights 80 shipped/set
    Front bumper 200 plus shipping
    Rear avant bumper 250 plus shipping
    Side skirts 80 shipped each

    manual swap kit (inbox me)
    Complete motor (inbox me)
    Engine covers 50 each
    Airbox 100 shipped
    Coolant tank 45 shipped
    Abs module 180 shipped
    Rain tray 60 shipped
    Front calipers TENTATIVELY SOLD
    Rear calipers TENTATIVELY SOLD
    Catback exhaust (inbox me)
    Rad support (inbox me)
    *** for anything else you might need, just comment/inbox/ text me at 647200733nine
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    rear bumper sold.

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