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Thread: 2003 Audi RS6 6 Speed

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    2003 Audi RS6 6 Speed

    Hi all, 2003 Audi RS6 with 3 pedals that I've finally come to terms with selling, gotta move onto my next BCY venture... I purchased this RS6 from a long time friend and enthusiast down in Georgia and drove it up to New Jersey. It was leaking coolant from the bufkin pipe as well as weeping valve cover gaskets so I pulled the engine/trans a month after purchase.

    All of the following were performed at 89,500 miles:

    -Complete Timing Belt Kit and Coolant Flush
    -Oil Change and Filter
    -Valve Cover Gaskets
    -Replaced Driverside Cam Chain Tensioner
    -Bufkin Pipe replacement with new oil cooler seals.
    -Both Front Wheel Bearings

    As I was preparing to reinstall the engine I was considering beefing up the existing auto trans, but decided a manual conversion was the way to go. So I saddled up and bought an entire 2000 Audi A6 to serve as my donor. Parts list related to the conversion...
    -01e Transmission with 131,xxx Miles, Syncros are Perfect!
    -Transmission fluid flush with LiquiMoly 75w-90
    -SteveKen Manual Conversion Kit. Included Flywheel, Starter, Adapter Plate, and all hardware.
    -Ringer Racing Stage 4+ Clutch and Pressure Plate Combo. Rated at 850 ft-lbs.-New OEM Master and Slave Cylinder
    -2 New Front Axles (Still have OEM Manual ones that need new boots).
    -Stock Downpipes, Fully Gutted.
    -Manual Tune by Blake Beadle. Car runs and dives as it would had the RS6 came with factory manual transmission.

    I cannot stress how flawless the exterior and interior of this car is. Southern car its whole life until I drove it up in January. Then it sat inside for the remainder of Winter. It's never seen salt, there's no rust on it whatsoever. I have brand new Zimmerman Brake Rotors ready to go on ($1200), but between working full time and being a full time student, I just don't have anytime for the car other than driving it.

    -The A/C squeals when started at idle, but if started while driving, even coming to a stop and back to idle, is fine. Serpentine belt and tensioner all both brand new, so not sure how or why, but something to consider.

    -Clutch was never fully broken in so it does slip, but with that being said, it holds power perfectly fine and doesn't need to be addressed immediately. I was going to replace it this Winter, but if it sells it sells. Car still rips if applying to torque properly. Just kinda ready to move on in life. It's been priced accordingly.

    $20,000 FIRM
    Little Egg Harbor, NJ

    Full walkaround/driving

    20190510_075744 by Joel Francisco
    20190510_075715 by Joel Francisco
    20190530_074006 by Joel Francisco
    20190530_074215 by Joel Francisco
    20190530_073940 by Joel Francisco
    20190530_073853 by Joel Francisco
    20190616_175917 by Joel Francisco
    20190616_180140 by Joel Francisco
    20190616_180042 by Joel Francisco
    20190616_180101 by Joel Francisco
    20190616_180204 by Joel Francisco
    20190616_180534 by Joel Francisco
    VideoCapture_20190704-030535 by Joel Francisco
    20190222_161627 by Joel Francisco
    20190330_233243 by Joel Francisco

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    Quote Originally Posted by jolio1994 View Post

    How the hell you do that?

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    Left foot on the clutch, right foot on the gas and let her eat!

    And to further update this... Car is sold.

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    Buyer backed out...

    $18,000 is my price

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    $17,000 without the brake rotors

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