So I drove it to the track last night and just wanted to floor it on the first pass before I got it up on the converter... just to see what it would do on the E85 street map .... so she clicked off a solid 12.0 at 117!

So close to 11ís so then the next pass I try to brake boost/2 step the car and she bucks twice at the line but still runs another 12.0... I was pissed! The stock TCU needs fixed because it likes to intervene to try to save the stock converter, which as you know I donít have anymore haha.

Moving on to the 3rd pass (heat soaked at this point) it bucks again but not as bad as we were trying to fool the TCU in the tune and dial that in on this pass, another 12.0.....

Right as a new map is made for the 4th pass it starts to rain.... I was so cock blocked... ugh.

I believe this is the full weight auto record mph but I would love to find other full weight cars to compare it too.

Itís still got a lot left in it so hopefully it gets the auto record really soon, hopefully full weight. (Other than lighter wheels, deleted secondary rads, sai crap...) Thatís all Iím after dammit!

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