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    P1432 / p1454

    Hi guys, need some help please. Mine RS6 C5 was at shop for a gearbox oil change, and after that I noticed that car starts to smell really strange when, for an example, was stopped on city light. It smelled like paraffin matches. Was thinking that some oil residue left off GB oil change, went back to shop, and the guy told that I have two new codes:
    P1432 - no signal - SAI
    P1454 - low limit exceeded - exhaust gas temp. sensor
    I somehow think that this strange smell and those codes are somehow related.

    Don't know from where to start. Maybe to check first the fuse (which one, nr. 34?)
    Anyone have pics where SAI solenoid is fitted.

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    I'm pretty sure it's under the intake on the passenger side on top of the intake manifold. Little black box with a 2 wire harness and 2 or 3 vacuum lines coming off.

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