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Thread: Misfires On all Cylinders - Help

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    OK - Yes there is/are vacuum leaks. I unplugged both pre02 plugs from the harness - rough idle still there, misfires. Also meant to comment that after initial starting and backing out of garage, the brakes were not there - kind of scary. After driving a bit the pedal came back. This is also an indication of a vacuum leak. Started spraying starter fluid, got it down along the intake manifold to the heads, and definitely leaking. So it looks like i need to pull the intake, also reading that maybe suction jet pump is bad as well as any dry rooted hoses. So I hear its about a 8 hr job, saw some posts where engine has to go into service position - is this true? BTW no lean codes showed up this time after disconnecting the 02's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruzanrs6 View Post
    BTW no lean codes showed up this time after disconnecting the 02's.
    But of course! It no longer knows it's lean!

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    A poor running engine won't always have enough vacuum for the brakes. The electric brake vacuum pump may not be working.

    The batwing/moustache intake and throttle body are bolted together. May be a tricky workaround with the lock carrier in place. Would be wise to replace anything questionable while taken apart.

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