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Thread: B8.5 S5 Best Air Intake Upgrade?

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    B8.5 S5 Best Air Intake Upgrade?

    Hey guys, I've been looking at the AWE S-Flow also Integrated Engineering air intakes. I like that the AWE uses direct induction like the stock but with a more free flowing filter and larger diameter intake tube which I thought would be more efficient but after seeing some research results of the closed box intake like the stock and AWE vs. open air intake like the IE there were little to no difference in the results. The knock on the open air intakes are that they are pulling in at least some hot air even with the heat shield from the engine bay. The only thing that seems to be the biggest difference is that you get way more supercharger whine with the open air intake system and seems to be concern that IE uses a silicone tube since it could possibly collapse when under load and max boost. Does anyone know if the ECS carbon intake tube fit with the AWE air filter in the stock air box? I'm not looking to get one or the other for a increase in performance numbers but just would like to hear the supercharger whine more than stock while still feeding the coolest air to the engine. If you have any experience with either of these or other ideas please let me know.

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