Hey guys... I'm looking for a QUALIFIED fabricator/welder to help me with my RS6 build. I've been sourcing parts for a manual swap (still need a few parts but we are getting there). The guy who I was going to ship everything down to in Charlotte, who was going to do all the fab work needed for the exhaust/manifold plumbing is no longer an option. Looking for someone that is skilled in designing and fabricating new manifolds for new turbos and is a creative type who can figure out how we can fit 10lbs of shit into a 5lb bucket with new larger turbos.

I have a 2nd RS6 "parts car" with the drivetrain removed, sitting in storage in VA. The plan is to use that chassis, build a jig for it, ship it (along with engine, 01E trans and turbos) to the fab shop to have the plumbing and manifolds designed and built. Obviously, more to it than I explained here but this should paint the picture of the type of person or shop I need.

Thanks in advance!

- Sasha