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Thread: OEM Parts if you're not in a hurry at good prices

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    OEM Parts if you're not in a hurry at good prices

    I'll throw this out there. A few of us have used BKS-tuning in Germany for various hard to find trim pieces and stuff in the past. But if you are not in a hurry (usually takes a 2 weeks) for your stuff and it is a sizeable order (coupe hundred dollars at least) then they are a great place for OEM parts too. You can search many parts on their site by the part number as many of the OEM parts aren't listed in their pages. If it's sizeable you usually save enough on the parts to make up for the shipping (not on large items). Parts I received were in Audi boxes, both for the RS6, '13 S5, and '01 TT. They do CC but also take Amazon pay.
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    Yes I have good experiences with them overall. In addition to OEM parts on their site, they sourced Euro 19” wheels for me and they are getting Euro Recaros for me as well.
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    Awesome! Thanks for the post!

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