Bit of a proud moment to say I have a kit worthy to offer. Perhaps the only known production kit to actually fit and work that was also tested on a real live RS6

It's a complete plug and play bolt on:
14"/356x28mm 2 pc directionally vaned left and right side rotors
Optional floating Bobbin style floating race rotors (like RS4)
Calipers are forged, 4 or 6 piston.
OEM compatible parking brake (can be deleted for bare bones kit)
Choice of pads (street, sport, race), comes with Street pads.
Choice of colors
Includes S/S braided hoses.
One year warranty

It's been a long summer of driving, testing, fitting, verifying, measuring parts, and long hours spent on the car lift. Beyond that it's really been a 3+year project. My personal car has been the test mule. This season has seen a lot of sporting driving, often going out for many hours at a time. Almost exclusively back country drives. Oregon has a lot of challenging driving terrain and has been ideal for real world testing. Even at speed surprise ABS test, thanks to Mr. Deer. Car stopped so hard the Wife had a sore neck for weeks. I'd guess 1.5G of decel. When hair, arms and legs go nearly straight forward it's working pretty well. Even with a few others I've taken on joy rides. The brakes work amazing. Car is far more planted. Tires are holding up better than expected also. A real joy to drive now, a far better match to all the power and weight. At all speeds, even just town driving. Audi should have made the car like this from the factory. VAG left so much on the table. Open test drive offer for fellow RS6 owners for those that can make it.

More info and pics:

Able to offer a great intro price @ $1890. MSRP is $2,500+ depending on options.

Goal is to get 16 or more orders together. If that happens soon, may offer free shipping in the lower 48 states or something equivalent.

More to tell but this covers the essentials. Post any questions or contact me.

Being that I'm inconsistently "here" feel free to call or text for a more prompt response 541.206.1478

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