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Thread: Catless Downpipes OR Non Resonated Exhaust??

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    Catless Downpipes OR Non Resonated Exhaust??

    I'm debating going with catless downpipes or to do another full Milltek non resonated exhaust and wondering of any of you have any thoughts about this? I would probably go with a set of Milltek catless downipipes and can pick then up for $725 shipped and can get them put in for about $600. I'm looking for better sound and I'm told that performance wise I will get more out of the downpipes than doing the exhaust and would also give the car a better sound. The exhaust would cost me $900 and $150-200 to install which will put them pretty close to each other in price. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    You'll get more performance from the catless, as with any turbo car, and more turbo sound, the cats really restrict flow. You can also update your tune to increase that performance.

    Sound will vary, I would assume more from the exhaust. Doing both would really open it up.

    Be careful who does the downpipes as it can become a serious headache if something goes wrong. Make sure the mechanic has worked on an RS6. The bolts are no joke, along with moving the engine around some. I can say my mechanic would not want to give me a set quote of $600, too many variables, but it might go just fine.
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