Here we go again, Driving and the Traction Control Symbol lights up push ESP button still stays on (no CEL). Drive home turn off car turn back on and the Trac light is off push the ESP button on and off and trac symbol light cycles with it. Vag Com the car and found the 01424 Code (Reference wire) one, cleared the code. Drive car for 2 days no issues, today driving home trac control symbol comes on again - cannot turn off when pushing ESP button. Get home turn off/turn on car - Trac light off and again pressing ESP button the trac symbol lights on and off. Vag Com again this time code is 01425 (Signal Wire). Both coded reference the YAW RATE SENSOR (G202) - one is Ref wire other Signal wire with 57-10 Electric Circuit Failure - Intermittent. I did have the 01425 Code back in 2012 after experiencing some scary auto engagement of the ABS system for no good reason. Back then I replaced the Yaw sensor that resides under the rear seat in middle. Have not yet experienced any self engaging of the ABS but wondering if that sensor is acting up again. Any one else with like experience ?