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Thread: Follow-up to cooling fans not coming on

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    Follow-up to cooling fans not coming on

    So this one turns out to be "my bad". I started looking into the issue last weekend, what I found is that a section or wiring harness was not properly secured when I last installed the power steering pump, and it wound up running into the A/C compressor pulley and belt - cutting into the conductors. I tried to remove the section or harness but am having a hard time to disconnect the connector end between the 2 fans. The car is going into to Hillside this Friday for some other items and they are going to try to get to that connector w/o having to go into service position. Will need to splice in some new wire then see what other "damage" was done. I did check what I think are the 40 and 60 AMP fuses (under the drivers side dash) - fuses are ok. I do have 2 codes though - will see what happens when I repair the cable. Hoping the fans and fan control unit are not fried...

    18080 - Coolant Fan Control 1
    P1672 - 004 - Open or Short to Ground - Intermittent
    18393 - Coolant Control Module 2 (J671)
    P1985 - 002 - Malfunction - Intermittent

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    hope it works out.....good to solve a mystery....
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