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Thread: Electrical Gremlins strike again

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    Electrical Gremlins strike again

    So I noticed/hear what appears to be the relay for the turn signals - yet signal indicator switch is off. It first started when, while at light with signal indicator on, drive thru light , signal switch goes off and then I hear this click,click - kind of comes and goes off. So it's been occurring for a few days now. Seems the signal relay is the culprit. The signal lights are not on while this issue is happening.

    Any thoughts or similar experiences ???


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    I have this same issue and was curious if it was the relay. Sounds like your turn signal is on when it really isn't. Usually happens shortly after using your turn signal.

    Also it seems to be worse in the rain but maybe I am just imaging things.
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    Sometimes my turn signal turns on the wipers O_o

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    by relay are you guys talking about the circuit breaker/fuse behind the kick panel or are you talking about somewhere else? i had a blown fuse that caused phantom windshield wiper behavior much like the turn signal behavior you are describing.
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    Similar-ish. Had trouble with my turn signals after putting in LED brake light capsules. Canned air removed dust from the turn signal stalk connection helped a bit, replacing the hazard switch solved it. $18-25 on eBay for a used working tested replacement, make sure you get the same part number as the original (not all A6/S6 have the same part number)

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