These are extras for my car. Set of 4 tires per set. Brand new, never mounted, with labels still attached. Kept in temperature controlled warehouse/shop.

Vredestein Vorti (Summer).
275/30-19 @ $194.45 x 4

and 275/35-19 @ $215.77 x 4
320 AA-A, Y ratings

Bonus $70 off these prices with rebate to 8/31. MSRP is $400+ per tire.

I have full access to all Vredestein sizes, can drop ship, but not at these prices-- no rebate either. Anyone that cycles/races or owns a Vintage car should know this brand well!

Never figured out how to attach pictures (file size). Can email if desired. Shipping is from Eugene, OR 97403. Size 25x25x12" (2 tires per "package"). and 25lbs each. My cost on shipping is a fair bit lower than what you'll see on FedEx or UPS. Everything helps.