I'm getting ready to start my 6-speed swap, and I want to make sure I've got all the tools lined up. My general plan for engine removal is to put the car on jack stands, remove the front, drop the engine/trans as a unit and pull it out forward.

For those that did this with DRC intact, how did you avoid opening the system? I assume you can leave the struts attached to the car at the top and disconnect the lower mounts to allow the subframe to drop out, correct? Any other tips/thoughts?

For hoisting the engine, did you use a leveler, or just chain to the hoist? I don't have a leveler now, but I'll get one if it helps.

I've been reading through all the various swap threads and taking notes, so I'm pretty comfortable with the process. My goal is to try and get the swap done in less than a month (weekends and evening, working around Summer kids stuff and general life). I'm also doing most of the usual maintenance stuff like TB, valve cover gaskets, bufkin, etc... I want to hit the major items without going too nuts on touching every wearable part.