Product Highlight: Kenotek Showroom Shine - Quick Detailer/Quick Spray Wax

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Size: 33.8 Ounces or 1 Liter
Price: $22.00

Product description:

Kenotek Showroom Shine revitalizes bodywork and gives a deep gloss. Removes fingerprints and dust. Suitable for all car surfaces. Anti-static.

Product Benefits and Features

revitalises the bodywork
gives a deep gloss to the paintwork
removes fingerprints and dust
cleaning without water
can be used on all hard exterior surfaces of a vehicle
fast drying
easy to use
sweet peach smell

The Kenotek car care line was sent to us as a sample, as many of you know we test a lot of products but not all of them make it into our online store. We had one test bottle and I let everyone in the shop use it. The typical run thru of what you would use a detail spray for....

- bird crap removal - check
- quick wipe down - check
- drying agent - check
- great gloss and shine - check
- fast drying and no streaking - check
- useable on plastics - check
- door jambs - check
- wheels - check
- topping it over coatings, waxes, and sealants- check
- anti static - check

All of us in the shop have used this product now extensively and I have to say it's now used every day in the shop for quick clean ups and in all our maintenance washes.

There aren't many cons to this but I would say it's a waste if you use in for a clay lubricant. I would not use it to prime your buffing pads either.

Final verdict:
We have found a new detailer for our shop as well as for our diy customer base it does everything we need and more - it will clean and protect (2-3 weeks) as well as leave a super slick "just like after you waxed" feel. It will leave your paint soft to the touch. Customer have asked at pick up if we waxed or sealed their cars. That's quite a statement when the Kenotek Showroom Shine is classed as a quick detailer/quick spray wax.

One of the stronger points we have found is dust tend to stick less on the paint due to it's anti static properties. We have had customers report some incredible results. One reported after driving his car to a mountain bike trail he noticed less dust than usually. Another reported that he now doesn't need to do weekly washes he does them every two weeks.

We have put this over 100 cars now and this is our go to now for all washes.
All we have to do now it try to maintain our stock levels, this product sells out quickly.

Photos of cars we have done

BMW X5M - Kenotek Showroom Shine over Sonax PNS (applied about 2 months back)

Kenotek Showroom Shine over Sonax Polymer Net Shield. (Net Shield applied about 3-4 months back)

Kenotek Showroom Shine only on this STI.

Kenotek Showroom Shine over Modesta Glass Coating

Kenotek Showroom Shine over Sonax PNS - this RS5 is completely wrapped in Xpel Ultimate

Kenotek Showroom Shine over Sonax PNS - this was a one step polish that we put Sonax PNS on about 6 months ago.

Kenotek Showroom Shine over a "naked car" - this was a car we installed Xpel Ultimate (full front and rockers) to clean up the car we used Kenotek before delivery.

Maintenance wash - Kenotek over Opti Coat Pro Plus

Kenotek used over Sonax Polymer Net Shield

Some of the reviews from customers that have used it.

Kimberly S.
Verified Buyer

This is a very good product

Livio Z.
Verified Buyer
Kenotek Detail Spray
Used on S4 after a quick wash. Car looked great & continued to for over a week. Recently had some bird do its thing & with a little warm water & micro cloth wiped right off. Would definitely buy again.

Nick I.
Verified Reviewer
Great Product
Phil told me about this product and recommended it, I gave it a shot and really liked it. I told him I was heading down to a show where I would be driving my car about 200 miles one way (NYC- Ocean City MD.) After arriving, bugs wiped away with ease but what impressed me the most was the following day. After a rainfall over night there was little ...Read More

Gregory S.
Verified Reviewer

Very impressed!
After washing and drying my white 2015 Golf SportWagen, I applied Kenotek Detail Spray and removed with an Uber microfiber towel. I was stunned by how slick the paint felt after using this product: it felt like it had been treated with a water-based sealant, ala CarPro HydrO2, but with less effort. The glossiness of the existing wax appeared impro...Read More

Verified Reviewer

Ok all opticoat and Xpel peeps - get this!!!
I am an ocd anal Sob with my Black cars. After manual slavery keeping my black lexus beautiful for years when i bought my Tesla (black with black and carbon fiber/black alancantra) I decided to get Xpel on 70% with opticoat on 100% over it. I use ONR to clean but my traditional detailers were making smudges on the opticoat. Asked Phil what can i u...Read More

John B.
Verified Reviewer

Money well spent.
This product works extremely well. It is easy to wipe down and performs great with Uber microfiber towels too leaving a fantastic clean result. Have been using Adam's Detail spray and could not handle the amount of dust that my car gets after a wash. Great price for the amount of product. Kenotek is my go to from now on.

Verified Reviewer
Day six after regular wash and Showroom Shine application]
UPDATE: Anti-static ability is second to none. I am really impressed with this product as I had expected only a slight improvement compared to the other popular detail sprays but this is leaps and bounds above. I am seeing about a 50% - 70% reduction in dust overall meaning the car looks as if I had washed it only two to three days ago instead of ...Read More

Verified Reviewer
The best detail spray yet!
Out of the various detail sprays I've owned, this is the best by far. After four days of applying, my car has a significant reduction of dust on the paint. It goes on very easy and is excellent during the drying stage of a car wash. The biggest plus for me as an owner of a black car is the gloss: it excels in this. It has given me the deepest and ...Read More

The C.
Verified Reviewer

By far the best spray polish
With few in unsatisfying experiences with spray polishes in the past I was reluctant to give this a go. I am very grateful I listened to Phil. This product gives my vehicles the deepest gloss yet. Not to mention how is the application process is. This Kenotek product instantly was thrown into rotation.

Verified Reviewer

I was skeptic at first
After hearing about this product I was a bit skeptical. I though perhaps there would be a slight difference, but it would just work as a regular detail spray. My car was driven 2 times in the past three weeks. The first time I drove it, a week had passed since application of the product. I opened my garage door and literally was amazed. I took a p...Read More

Verified Reviewer
Kenotek Showroom Shine

Phil finished off my first follow up wash with this product. The next day I found myself on a dry dirt road! Tons of dust, clouds of covering the car after I parked. I was surprised to see almost no dust on the car when I left, and after a highway drive it was completely gone. I am impressed with the product and will be picking up a bottle for mys...Read More

Verified Reviewer

So far, not seeing a difference
So far I have not seen any difference between this or any other spray. My car was covered in dust in my garage a day after applying this. I was expecting far better results without even being outside yet. Jury is still out here....


Extra clean
I am insanely specific about my car and how it gets washed. I have only ever got my car taken care of by detailer domain and will never bring it anywhere else. My most recent wash Phil had applied this spray and it kept the car pretty clean for a decent amount of time. Noticeable enough to where I said to myself "damn this thing is still clean??!?...Read More

Anti-static just wow

Phil applied a coating of this on my car and I just gotta say the anti-static feature is phenomenal. My car is parked outdoor 365 days a year so I know the feeling of just washing your car and looking at it a few hours later just to see a whole layer of dust. 1 week passed by with the car parked outdoors and by my surprised it still looked the sam...Read More