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Thread: Front axle options for 6-speed conversion

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    Front axle options for 6-speed conversion

    I'm about to start collecting parts for my 6-speed conversion. I'm planning to buy one of the kits from Advanced Automotion, and I'm trying to decide which axles to get.

    There appear to be 3 options:

    Standard axles - I assume are stock for 6-speed A6
    Upgraded TDI axles - stronger for TDI applications (+$375)
    Heavy duty axles - strongest with larger inner tripod joint and larger tube (+$695)

    What are you 6-speed swap folks using? Has anyone broke an axle on these cars?

    The car will be a driver, not a track car, but I will certainly hit the track occasionally (drag and open track) and would ultimately like to go as far as upgraded turbo's for power.

    I also realize the price difference is not huge relative to the total amount I'm going to spend, but my budget is not unlimited, and I want to spend money on things that truly add value, not just upgrade for the sake of upgrading.


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    My opinion is that any axles will hold up to the power. Due to Torsen, most of the torque will be transferred through rear wheels anyways.
    I'm running TDI tripod axles on mine, but that's because I got em cheap as a package deal with TDI trans.

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    I ran stock A6 2.7t axles....likely would NEVER break those...anything more is overkill, unless you're trying to make 600+whp...and love to drag race....

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