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Thread: 1000HP Audi RS6 DTM Insane Sound Video

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    1000HP Audi RS6 DTM Insane Sound Video

    New video with crazy sound.

    From the article:
    Here is another Youtube video of the insane 1000 horsepowervAudi RS6 DTM equipped with a very loud catless Milltek exhaust system! The engine has been tuned to crank out an insane 1000 horsepower thanks in part to an 18-karat gold coated TTE9XX Turbocharger and STM Stage 3 tuning kit.

    Photos and video - 1000HP Audi RS6 DTM Insane Sound


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    Rolls Royce engineering, Mickey Mouse packaging. WTF with the clown outfit?
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    Yeah..they clearly weren't shooting for subtle...which is good...because they missed...really bad...fender wells are absurd...

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