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Thread: Track Day: Aug. 8 2015: Oregon Raceway Park, Oregon, USA

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    Flag Track Day: Aug. 8 2015: Oregon Raceway Park, Oregon, USA

    Monday Aug. 3rd. The THIRD/3rd.....Not the 8th (oops)

    This is a private track day on a newer gorgeous road course! Located a couple hours east of Portland Oregon.
    -- check out the various vids on Youtube.

    Cost is $250 for a full day of driving. Registration required. Space is limited. Clear 92 gas on-site.
    --Spectating and rides are free (Miata spec racer and NASCAR/Winston cup car).
    Camping is allowed from what I understand due to the remote location. I might do some PA/DJ'ing to spice it up

    Be great to have a few RS6's and other Audi's out there with us. (looks to be a good mix of cars so far)

    --Contact me for registration details as this is put on by a race car driver friend of mine.--

    General questions and comments can be posted here. I will keep an eye on the thread.
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