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You have to modify the bumper, it's the only way to make a biturbo front mount intercooler fit properly. Way the pros and cons and decide what's most important to you. That's what I did and decided going front mount was the best choice for me as I'm thinking long term hybrid turbo upgrades in the near future. If you don't plan on going beyond stage 1 ecu flash, your probably OK with smic's, at least in cold weather. My RS6 even at stock would heat soak pretty quick in the summer with the stock smic's. With an FMIC, I never have to worry about that with any upgrades at any level in any temperature. That to me out ways everything. And personally, I like the look done right. Everyone thinks my RS6 is a lot newer than it is.
Mine is a stage 1 i believe. I think I will also upgrade my turbos to hyrbids in the future. As of right now im so busy with school and stuff. The owner before me said he had KKK turbos. In the inside of my car i have c5 rs6 imported euro seats i believe.