Latest update, I lasted four days without the APR tune. Wow what a difference 563 hp and 627 torque, car got 24 mpg at 85 mph. The APR tune was cheaper 1600 versus 2k for the rs/6. Vagcom lowered it, turned off the seat belt chimes, key rolls down windows/sunroof, no warning when entering data in mmi when moving, drl to 100%. Pretty scary once I was done I had multiple faults but everything cleared, I thought I have this car for less than a week and I broke it. Engine sounds very nice with the windows down, still a little quiet. Handling with the sport differential is the backend really turns in compared to the rs/6. Driver Assist Package is the shit, adaptive cruise which in stop and go is a must, lane assist you can take your hands off the wheel and it keeps you in the lane, and blind spot warning. Comfort seats massage, heat/air very nice as well. One of the biggest things is when compared to the rs6, I was always expecting something else to break with the 6. Don't care now, good for the next 85k miles. This might be the end of the mods for me, stock wheels are nice and it is quiet but I don't think 5k for a new exhaust is worth it.